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NEO-Bug: „No theft of tokens possible“

On the weekend a message of a bug at NEO-Nodes made the rounds. The NEO bug discovered by the Chinese software giant Tencent is supposed to make it potentially possible for attackers to withdraw crypto currencies from wallets of NEO node operators. NEO co-founder Erik Zhang now gave the all-clear – at least in part.

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Debt worries

Market observers have been pointing to the accumulation of China’s debt for some time now. Rines and Haley also talked about the risks that such a development entails for the country and on a global level: „Eight years of expansive fiscal policy have pushed China into an enormous mountain of debt. China’s debt ratio is

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Ebay: Sale of crypto currencies without a license?

HOME PAGE TECH COMPANY EBAY: SELLING CRYPTO CURRENCIES WITHOUT LICENSE? The online platform Ebay apparently offers unlicensed crypto currencies for sale, including unambiguous scams and coins whose offer prices are out of proportion to the current market rate. Those responsible seem to be aware of this problem and have taken steps, but it remains to

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